Lush poems about specific paintings and artists populate The Goldfish Window and leave the reader wanting more. Among the many painters and photographers one can find peering from these poems are Monet, Kandinsky, O’Keeffe, Vuillard, Cassatt, Van Gogh, Stieglitz, and Cezanne. The stunning imagery and lyric voice of Lisa Beech Hartz make this an unforgettable collection. Lovers of art and of poetry will enjoy this poetry book immensely.

Stunning in its deep entry into the perceptions of the artists it honors, this book is a wonderful celebration of the senses. Also of character, as it brings its artists to life by way of reading their minds most convincingly, and looking through their eyes. I can see the book has been meticulously researched, but the poems soar gracefully on the wings of that work, rather than getting mired in it.

–Leslie Ullman, author of Library of Small Happiness

“Poems on specific paintings are mixed with dramatic monologues in voices of the painters and poems that comment on painting itself. They held my attention (indeed, they captured me) all the way through. This poet demonstrates a wonderful ear for sounds, too.”

–Barbara Crooker, author of Les Fauvres

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